Resolution Provider
Resolution Provider provides comprehensive software solutions to companies using
Rocket's UniVerse, UniData, RedBack, Mits products, Pick System, Revelation, and other
multi-value database software.

Whether you are implementing image documenting, need a software enhancement, or
have the need to upgrade to the latest releases of software Resolution Provider is ready to
serve your needs.

If your company uses Rocket's UniVerse, UniData, RedBack, Mits products, Epicor
software (like Avanté, Dataflo, InfoFlo, Manfact), municipality software (like Gough
System), or 1mage Software, we have the expertise you are looking for. In fact many of
our employees have over 10 years of expertise on these products.

At Resolution Provider we also pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional level of service
to our customers. In fact we follows up with each customer to make sure they are fully
satisfied with the products and services we deliver. We encourage you to contact us and
provide us with the opportunity to earn your business.

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